Hi, my name is Mike and I want to thank you.



Along with my bride Vicki, I wish to thank each one of you who has prayed and financially sent us on all the mission trips we have made. Your gifts of love made it all possible. LTCM and the orphanages that we tended to have all been placed in the hands of the Father, who has sent others to carry on what we began.

I pray for each of you and hope that  your lives continue to be full of Christ!!!


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Winter 2011

What a great trip. Myself, Vicki, Niki, Patsy and April journeyed to Piedras Negras and delivered Pajamas, Blankets, Towels, SHoeboxes, Scarves and knitted hats to orphans and elderly! I’m sure that this was a trip to top them all! God is so good. Keep us in your prayers as we think and plan toward the summer trip!

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Getting Ready – Winter 2011

Preparations are being made to get pajamas, blankets and shoeboxes to the orphans of Piedras Negras. Want to be a part? Contact me at! We need gas and meal money to get down the road!

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Summer Trip Done, Winter is on the way.

The summer trip was a huge success with over 50 kids recieving a new pair of shoes as well as backpacks and school supplies. We are already looking forward to the Winter trip where each child will get a new pair of PJs as well as a blanket and many other things! 

We hope that you will be a part!

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Thanks so much for all who made the 2010 Winter trip such a success:

Edgewood Academy, Living Hope Bible Fellowship, Lifepoint Church, Harvest Church, City Church and far too many individuals and families to list!

God bless you all and have a Merry Christmas!

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2 weeks!

It is only 2 weeks until we leave for Mexico.It’s not too late to get in on the blessing of helping orphans. Click HERE to donate with Paypal, or simply slip a check in the mail to LTCM.

881 Venable Road, Wetumpka Al 36092

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Winter Trip 2010

The winter trip to Mexico is coming up in December. Plans are being laid at several churches and even a school is jumping on board to help with the trip!

More later!!!!

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The Summer Trip

The summer trip is drawing close, very fast. We invite you to be a part of this annual project where we buy shoes for all the orphans in Piedras Negras,  and give them school supplies for the coming school year.

Each pair of shoes will average about 20 dollars (US). We are taking donations for these now. Also needed are school supplies of all kinds. Next time you are in Walmart and see packs of paper for a nickel, grab them ALL and head for the register! Pencils, pens, crayons – all are needed!

You can donate through the link to PayPal on the Donation page, or you can mail us a check, or if you are local you can drop things off at our home, or at Harvest Church in Wetumpka.

Give me a call – 334 514 1727


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Shoes, Shoes & More Shoes!

The push is on now to raise the money for our annual trip to buy shoes for the orphans in Piedras Negras, and Morelos.  The cost of each pair of school shoes for the kids runs about $20. Throw in a little more for some gas to push the LTCM van down the interstate and we will have a succesful trip!

Also, we need school supplies!  Paper, pens, pencils, crayons.  Rulers and folders. All the things that are needed for school. We buy these here and transport them down in the trailer.

All the shoes are purchased locally in Mexico.

Want to tag along? Contact us.


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Living Hope

Vicki and I had such a wonderful time yesterday at Living Hope Bible Fellowship. Pastor Bob, his lovely wife Pat and everyone made us feel right at home as always. Service was wonderful and annointed, and fellowship at the retaurant was fantastic.

Pastor Bob and I knew each other before either of us were saved, and ended up getting saved within 3-4 weeks of each other. It has been a long relationship that continues to bless us. God is good to provide Vicki and I with such great friends in the ministry.

We are looking forward now to April when we go out to visit another church that has members that support us. It is a blessing to see the people face to face that think enough of us to support this work!!!!

Thoughts are running around in our heads now about the summer trip. As you know, each summer we buy school shoes for orphans in Mexico. We are now in the planning stages for this coming trip.  We will be needing toothbrushes and other toiletries for almost 100!  Wanna help?


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