Out Of Control

I know, I know, enough already with the “Ladder Logic” stuff. I can almost see wincing going on as the page opens, but I must get all this out of my system.

God gives us revelation for the Body (of Christ). I think that there may be rare cases where He gives a person some tidbit of wisdom that might not apply to anyone else, but as I said – Rare cases. So here is another bit that He gave me concerning my Ladder Incident.

I began to think about my time in the air. All kinds of thoughts run through me. I think of how Christ was suspended between Heaven and earth while on the cross. Oh sure, He could have called 10,000 angels and come down off the cross, but then again could He? I mean, do you really think that a love that would carry a man (such as Him) to the cross in the first place would then changes it’s mind? Sure the possibility exists, but in reality, He wasn’t coming down until “It is Finished”.

So here He is, hung in the air, totally out of control. “My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?”.  We are talking totally out of His element. Here was the Man who calmed the sea, turned water to wine and cast out demons. But through choice, now “in the air” for us. Not able to walk this way or that, not able to jump out of the way, not able to push aside. All control was gone. In the air for us.

I believe God gave me a glimpse of that while I was in the air. There I was, totally helpless, like a fish out of water – there I was out of my element. I was in the air. I have no wings. I was helplessly falling.

But there was a difference. A vast difference. An incomprehensible difference.

God was with me that day as I hung between heaven and earth. He delivered me without a broken bone.
The day that Jesus hung between heaven and earth, God had turned His back on Him.

For you. For us.

1Jo 3:1  Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.

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A Blustery Day

blustery – blowing in loud and abrupt bursts; “blustering (or blusterous) winds of Patagonia”; “a cold blustery day”; “a gusty storm with strong sudden rushes of wind”

My mind travels back to the Pooh book I read before, where Pooh described the day as being “blustery”.  It is indeed such a day today. I sit in our office/washroom area looking out the window and watching the trees react to the wind being generated by this Blustery Day. I am still reflecting on my recent fall from the ladder. So here we go with the latest installement of ladder wisdom.

9 out of 10 comments that I have recieved about “What did I learn” have been this one. “Dont get back on a ladder” .  I laugh and agree with each one, each time. But it seems God has bigger things He wants me to learn. Here is one such thing.

As I was falling (and crying out to God) I had no control over direction, speed, rate of fall, abruptness of stop, etc. Why? Simply because they are all things that are set in motion long ago when God created everything.

Direction – was controlled by gravity, and inertia. Gravity pulled me down as intertia slanted me a little to the side.

Speed – Determined by the entire distance I fell.

Rate of Fall – Determined by mass/gravitational pull/time elapsed.

Abruptness of Stop – Body mass/fat ratio. Fat people have more cushion (I was told by the doctor)  Seems a skinny person would have broken bones more easily.

The whole deal here boils down to this: God has set laws in motion long ago. Laws of physics (gravity and such), Laws of judgement (Mosaic) and also Laws that pertain to other spiritual things.

Lets take just one of those spiritual things. Tithing and Giving. God said that if you tithe (Malachi chapter 3 – read the whole chapter) that the curse will be removed from your money. The windows of heaven will be opened, and He will pour out a blessing that you cannot recieve all of it.

Giving (not to be confused with tithing). Giving above your tithe will result in blessing being given back 30/60/100 fold.

Just as the laws of physics delivered me to the concrete floor, God’s spiritual laws will deliver what they promise. Try them. God says in Malachi to “prove Him” and see if this isnt true.

Food for thought on a blustery day………………………

Mike & Vicki

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In His Steps

I was thinking about following Christ. Many different opinions exist about Jesus and what would He do in this situation or that situation. A person can get confused by listening to all the sources.

I remember  a few years back when my children were children, and we had a Super Nintendo. It came with Super Mario Brothers, which takes you through many levels and at the end of each level there is a castle with a dragon that you have to slay.Mario

Then finally at the end of the last level is the biggest and baddest dragon, and to get to him you have to swim, fly, run and crawl through every obstacle imaginable.

My son and I worked for months getting to that last dragon. Killing all the other dragons and advancing to the next levels. But the deal was this; once those dragons had been dealt with, you were provided with shortcuts thought the levels.

In other words, you didnt have to kill those dragons again!!!!

Now, here enters my youngest daughter. She comes in after us doing all the work and just breezes through and says ” That wasn’t so hard”    She could go anywhere on the map she wanted to, at any level. The dragons were already dealt with.

Freinds, that is similar to our life in Christ.  Read this passage from the Word.

Col 2:13  And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, He has made alive together with Him, having forgiven you all trespasses,
Col 2:14  blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and has taken it out of the way, nailing it to the cross.
Col 2:15  Having stripped rulers and authorities, He made a show of them publicly, triumphing over them in it.
See?  Christ has paved the way. He has already triumphed over every ruler and power of darkness! He took all the obstacles and nailed them to the cross!

Just like my son and I paved the way for my daughter on a silly little computer game, Christ has paved the way for us.  We can walk in His steps if we so desire. And if we do fall down, He will pick us up.

A good thought for today.

Be Blessed – Mike & Vicki

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Bumping is www lingo for moving something back up to the top of a post, or thread on a forum or blog. I’m bumping the shoebox entry today. SHoebox

If you want to participate in this and have not contacted us yet, please do so. We need to get an accurate account of who is going to build boxes.

If you need the list again, click this link to take you there.

God Bless and thanks for your prayers.

Mike & Vicki

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These things are dangerous! Yeah – ladders


At work today I went up a 10 footer and stepped out on top of a top of an office. Got one foot on the office and the ladder slid out at the bottom. Next thing you know, Mike was laying on his right side with people screaming “Don’t Move!” No need to worry, I wasnt going anywhere.

A few hours later they released me from the hospital, after taking no less than 25 X-rays of hip, elbow, shoulder, etc. God was with me. No broken bones. I dont know if you realize how much of a miracle that was. A 54 year old man falling 11 feet and landing flat on his side on a concrete floor. Thank GOd for His angels.

Several things run through my mind now in retrospect. One – I remember falling (like slow motion) and calling out to God. I had always wondered if in a life threatening situation (like this one) if I would cry out to God, or Jesus. I did.

Two – there was a peace as I was falling. Dont ask me to explain how, but there was a peace. It was like a peace that said “No matter what, I’m going to be alright”. Amazing is the only word that suits.

Three – How good God is. At the hospital was a nurse that I knew. Her husband works with me. It was very nice to see a freindly face that called me by name before Vicki arrived.

The bruises will heal. The wisdom about climbing ladders will increase. ( Stay off of them) And my faith in my God grows even stronger.

Job 13:15 Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him.

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Please comment……

I am running a contest, and I need your votes (in the form of comments)

Look at these two pages.


Click on the comment tab and cast your vote!!! Which one do you like best?

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You have to see this to believe it. These people know how to get things done.

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No Travel


Vicki returned to the doctor today and is not going to be able to go to Ukriane. She is contagious with pnuemonia. I never knew until today that there are two types of pneumonia, and one of them is contagious. Here are some things to pray about:

  • Vicki’s healing from this sickness.
  • The Ukrainian team being able to do the crafts without her.
  • That no one else gets this sickness.

I have been hard at work behind the scenes for the past few weeks, getting our website changed over to the new host. I have saved money in the process, but it has been a difficult ordeal. I have ventured into arenas of “computing” that I knew nothing about before.
The link is still the same – CLICK HERE ,but the look will be new. I have a temporary page up until I finish all the pages and put them up all at once. But, you will catch a glimpse of the new format by looking at the temp page. I hope you like the graphics. Please feel free to comment on this blog about it.

Keep Vicki in your prayers. Thanks!!!

Mike & Vicki

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Prayer Request

Please pray for Vicki, as she battles sickness. She went to the doctor today and was told to stay away from everyone for a few days. Got shots and pills and the whole nine yards.

I am believing that she will be well enough to board the plane on Saturday. Stand with me on that.

Also, pray that she is confident as she teaches in the seminar while there. It is a first for her, but we all know that God is able!

Thanks – Mike

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Movie Review

Vicki and I, along with several others, went to see “One Night With The King” – (The story of Esther). After leaving out and discussing briefly on the sidewalk, the consensus was that the movie was very close to the Bible account.

I have always loved the story of Esther. It never ceases to amaze me how Father will choose a little one (as in the case of David, the boy with the fish and bread, many more examples) or one who is humble in the sight of others and bring them to such great heights.

The movie in all was very good. No cursing, no provocative scenes, no gore. I was reminded of great Bible epics of the past, such as the Ten Commandments. Some critics online have made comments that were good. Some thought it to be a little slow. In this day and age of action packed, blow em up, graphic films, I can understand that statement.

But this film is not a graphic, blow em up, but rather a well told story with some wonderful acting by knowns and unknowns alike. My favorite character was Hegai, the king’s eunuch, played by Tommy Lister.  Picture here


Tommy is an impressive fellow anyway, standing 6’7″ and a deep basso voice. His character was gruff and tough, but at the same time one who deeply cared for Esther. Wonderful job.

Scale of 1-10?  A definite 10.  Great acting (Omar Shariff, Peter Otoole, Tommy Lister, and the newcomer Tiffany Dupont), Great cinematic scenery, music score, and true to the Bible script.

A must see.

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