Ninos de Piedras Negras

Ninos de Piedras Negras        These are the children from Ninos de Piedras Negras (children of Piedras Negras).  The Mexican government has placed a limit on how many children orphanages may keep. Most are limited to 9 children. In this picture, Vicki (Star the clown) and I are pictured with the children and also Donny and Amie’s kids are in the picture with us. Wonderful people staff this orphanage that was birthed by a Baptist group. We asked if they had a special need and they immediately showed us the stove. Believe me, it was worn out. We made a pledge to get them a new one.

Praise God, for He was faithful (as always) to supply the money for this project. God did some tremendous things on this trip to our southern neighbor. We cant wait to go back in December and see the new stove, cooking up frijoles and tortillas!

God bless!

Mike & Vicki

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