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Vicki and I, along with several others, went to see “One Night With The King” – (The story of Esther). After leaving out and discussing briefly on the sidewalk, the consensus was that the movie was very close to the Bible account.

I have always loved the story of Esther. It never ceases to amaze me how Father will choose a little one (as in the case of David, the boy with the fish and bread, many more examples) or one who is humble in the sight of others and bring them to such great heights.

The movie in all was very good. No cursing, no provocative scenes, no gore. I was reminded of great Bible epics of the past, such as the Ten Commandments. Some critics online have made comments that were good. Some thought it to be a little slow. In this day and age of action packed, blow em up, graphic films, I can understand that statement.

But this film is not a graphic, blow em up, but rather a well told story with some wonderful acting by knowns and unknowns alike. My favorite character was Hegai, the king’s eunuch, played by Tommy Lister.  Picture here


Tommy is an impressive fellow anyway, standing 6’7″ and a deep basso voice. His character was gruff and tough, but at the same time one who deeply cared for Esther. Wonderful job.

Scale of 1-10?  A definite 10.  Great acting (Omar Shariff, Peter Otoole, Tommy Lister, and the newcomer Tiffany Dupont), Great cinematic scenery, music score, and true to the Bible script.

A must see.


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