A Blustery Day

blustery – blowing in loud and abrupt bursts; “blustering (or blusterous) winds of Patagonia”; “a cold blustery day”; “a gusty storm with strong sudden rushes of wind”

My mind travels back to the Pooh book I read before, where Pooh described the day as being “blustery”.  It is indeed such a day today. I sit in our office/washroom area looking out the window and watching the trees react to the wind being generated by this Blustery Day. I am still reflecting on my recent fall from the ladder. So here we go with the latest installement of ladder wisdom.

9 out of 10 comments that I have recieved about “What did I learn” have been this one. “Dont get back on a ladder” .  I laugh and agree with each one, each time. But it seems God has bigger things He wants me to learn. Here is one such thing.

As I was falling (and crying out to God) I had no control over direction, speed, rate of fall, abruptness of stop, etc. Why? Simply because they are all things that are set in motion long ago when God created everything.

Direction – was controlled by gravity, and inertia. Gravity pulled me down as intertia slanted me a little to the side.

Speed – Determined by the entire distance I fell.

Rate of Fall – Determined by mass/gravitational pull/time elapsed.

Abruptness of Stop – Body mass/fat ratio. Fat people have more cushion (I was told by the doctor)  Seems a skinny person would have broken bones more easily.

The whole deal here boils down to this: God has set laws in motion long ago. Laws of physics (gravity and such), Laws of judgement (Mosaic) and also Laws that pertain to other spiritual things.

Lets take just one of those spiritual things. Tithing and Giving. God said that if you tithe (Malachi chapter 3 – read the whole chapter) that the curse will be removed from your money. The windows of heaven will be opened, and He will pour out a blessing that you cannot recieve all of it.

Giving (not to be confused with tithing). Giving above your tithe will result in blessing being given back 30/60/100 fold.

Just as the laws of physics delivered me to the concrete floor, God’s spiritual laws will deliver what they promise. Try them. God says in Malachi to “prove Him” and see if this isnt true.

Food for thought on a blustery day………………………

Mike & Vicki


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