Now We’re Cooking With Gas!

I just love that old expression. Used to be when I was a boy growing up, when my elder brother and I would be out in Dad’s shop working on some kind of experiment, we would get something right and everything would just seem to fall together, and I would say “Now we’re cooking with gas!” That phrase fit a lot of things, but today it fits another.

Brother Donnie in Piedras Negras called and said the stove for the orphanage had been purchased! It was to be delivered yesterday. 6 burners and a 2′ x 2′ square griddle. Commercial grade stuff here folks. Best thing is the price. We had $1000 bucks to spend, and got the stove for $700.  So, now you’re asking, “What about the $300?”  Glad you asked.

New cookware to go along with the stove!  Praise God, not only will the workers there have a new stove, but now they will have a new set of pots and pans!  God is good, people.

Now we have a new project. When we go down on the 10th, we will tear out a section of wall in the orphanage and build a pantry.  I need shelves. Anyone got some shelves?

Let me know if you do, as we are already pulling the trailer down and will be able to haul them with us.

God is good People.  “Now We’re Coooking With Gas!!!!”



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