Merry Christmas!


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Back From Mexico

I got back in from Mexico last evening around 6:30. As with any mission trip, the key is:

Be Flexible, be flexible, be flexible.

After arriving, the following morning Bro. Don received a phone call that his grandmother had passed on. So, at that point everything got messed up (according to our plans). But as it always turns out, God was not surprised. Instead of having Don to carry me around to the orphanages, I was introduced to a new friend, John. John and Pauline are running an orphanage out of their home, and currently have 8 children with them. Even though I didn’t think I had enough shoe-boxes to go around after learning of 8 more children, God knew better. I told John how I felt bad that I had no idea that we were going to meet, and that I wish I had more. John, true servant of God that he was, told me not to worry, that God would supply.

John took us to both the Baptist and the Catholic orphanages and I gave out shoe-boxes and extra supplies at both. As we walked back to the truck, I looked over in the back and guess what? There were 8 shoe-boxes left! I called John over and we knew that we had just witnessed yet another miracle at the hands of our Father.

God is NEVER taken by surprise! HE knew before we even loaded up the trailer how many kids there were. And He had the right amount of boxes ready for them.

More Later……….

Have a Blessed Christmas and New Year. Thank all who helped us this year. It has been a wonderful year for LTCM. And people like you make it possible.


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Hooked Up!

Sometime this afternoon, I will pull the truck into the backyard and hook up the trailer. Then it’s off to dress rehearsal for the Christmas Musical. Then it’s an atempt to get a good night’s sleep while thinking about the long ride ahead.

Immediatley after the musical tommorow, I leave for Piedras Negras. OK, I see that you caught the use of the word “I” there. Reason for that word is because Vicki must stay behind to care for our grandchildren. The oldest has 3 more days of school before Christmas, so she has to be here.

God has blessed us with the care of these two precious girls. So, our house is very full. And with that comes the duties of parenthood. So, I will make this trip without Vicki, but I will be surrounded by angels, and the King of the universe lives in me via His Holy Spirit. So, I will defenitly NOT be alone.

Pray that the truck and trailer operate smoothly with no problems. Pray that the roads are clear of anything that could cause harm, or slow my progress. Pray that the kids are all well, and are ready to recieve their shoeboxes.

And for those of you who made shoeboxes, rememeber, each day next year, pray for the child who recieved it!

This may be my last blog entry until I return. So God Bless and have a safe week!


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How’s My Driving?


How’s my driving?  That is a question we need to ask ourselves each day. God gives us the reins to our lives, by His allowance of free will. It is up to us from that point as to how we drive our lives.

If there were such a thing as spiritual auto insurance, I would probably not qualify. Ever known someone who had too many tickets? Too many fender benders? Couldnt get insurance any more unless they went to a High Risk company.  Even then, some high risk companies wont take certain people, because they are just too far gone – driving-wise.

Not only that, if I have enough tickets, or crashes, the State I live in will suspend my license. I will have to pay huge fines, and go take the exam again at some point to get my license reinstated. Even then, there is recourse that I may be such a bad driver that I cannot pass the test!

I have had so many tickets and crashes in my life (spiritually speaking) that I probably would not be insured. But there is One who will still let me drive. One who knows that I will most likely get more tickets, but yet still lets me behind the wheel.

Jesus is His name.

How’s Your Driving today?


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Can I share a Christmas Miracle with  you, our readers?  Good.

Pastor Joey (our pastor) called me early this morning. At first by the sound of his voice, I thought something was perhaps wrong with Tracey and I braced myself for news that I might not want to hear. But the tone of voice that I mistook for calamity, turned out to be a voice that was awestruck at having just witnessed a miracle.

Sister Tracey has not moved her legs in almost 4 years. As some of you know, she is battling MS, and refuses to give up, or give in. Well, this morning as Pastor was taking care of her, he noticed her foot moving. He thought it might have been an involuntary movement, so he asked her to “move her legs”, AND SHE DID!

Voluntarily!  Now understand, she is not walking – YET – but this is truly a miracle. These legs have not moved voluntarily in almost 4 years.

I can think of no greater Christmas Present at this time that could be recieved by someone so close to us. We stand in awe of our great God.  Once again He has shown His mighty power.


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Change of Date


We have had to change our trip dates. Vicki’s sister is having surgery this coming week and we really need to be here for her. I called Brother Donnie and asked if we could delay one week.  No problem.

So we will be departing after church on the 17th, and driving down. Same plans, just a different date. I will update as the 17th draws nearer.

God Bless


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Movie Review

Vicki and I took the grand-girls (5&7) to see The Nativity Story.

I’m sure that some people will be able to pick certain things about the movie to death and say that it was not scriptural on this point, or that point.  I picked a few things myself that were questionable. But nowhere near enough to write this one off. As a whole, I believe it followed the Word very closely.
As a matter of fact, I enjoyed the movie thoroughly. As we were watching, I was constantly reminded of the absolute miracle of God coming and becoming flesh. As the dialogue progressed, I caught myself mentally searching the scriptures and just absolutely being flooded over by different things and being renewed in my spirit.

The director decided to provide a little comedy through the Magi. At first I thought that might not be a good thing, but then as the characters of the Magi developed through the screenplay, it actually became a good thing.

I can tell you, the dialouge and the placing, staging and flow of the scene where the shepherds come was moving. And then when the Magi appeared, it was all over for this big guy. I found my heart soaring in worship and my face wet with tears at the thoughts of how the Highest King could enter the world in the lowest of places.

I recommend this movie. You will enjoy it.

God Bless.


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We need shelves before the 8th of December.

Thank you Lord, for the shelves!

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