Movie Review

Vicki and I took the grand-girls (5&7) to see The Nativity Story.

I’m sure that some people will be able to pick certain things about the movie to death and say that it was not scriptural on this point, or that point.  I picked a few things myself that were questionable. But nowhere near enough to write this one off. As a whole, I believe it followed the Word very closely.
As a matter of fact, I enjoyed the movie thoroughly. As we were watching, I was constantly reminded of the absolute miracle of God coming and becoming flesh. As the dialogue progressed, I caught myself mentally searching the scriptures and just absolutely being flooded over by different things and being renewed in my spirit.

The director decided to provide a little comedy through the Magi. At first I thought that might not be a good thing, but then as the characters of the Magi developed through the screenplay, it actually became a good thing.

I can tell you, the dialouge and the placing, staging and flow of the scene where the shepherds come was moving. And then when the Magi appeared, it was all over for this big guy. I found my heart soaring in worship and my face wet with tears at the thoughts of how the Highest King could enter the world in the lowest of places.

I recommend this movie. You will enjoy it.

God Bless.



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