How’s My Driving?


How’s my driving?  That is a question we need to ask ourselves each day. God gives us the reins to our lives, by His allowance of free will. It is up to us from that point as to how we drive our lives.

If there were such a thing as spiritual auto insurance, I would probably not qualify. Ever known someone who had too many tickets? Too many fender benders? Couldnt get insurance any more unless they went to a High Risk company.  Even then, some high risk companies wont take certain people, because they are just too far gone – driving-wise.

Not only that, if I have enough tickets, or crashes, the State I live in will suspend my license. I will have to pay huge fines, and go take the exam again at some point to get my license reinstated. Even then, there is recourse that I may be such a bad driver that I cannot pass the test!

I have had so many tickets and crashes in my life (spiritually speaking) that I probably would not be insured. But there is One who will still let me drive. One who knows that I will most likely get more tickets, but yet still lets me behind the wheel.

Jesus is His name.

How’s Your Driving today?



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