Hooked Up!

Sometime this afternoon, I will pull the truck into the backyard and hook up the trailer. Then it’s off to dress rehearsal for the Christmas Musical. Then it’s an atempt to get a good night’s sleep while thinking about the long ride ahead.

Immediatley after the musical tommorow, I leave for Piedras Negras. OK, I see that you caught the use of the word “I” there. Reason for that word is because Vicki must stay behind to care for our grandchildren. The oldest has 3 more days of school before Christmas, so she has to be here.

God has blessed us with the care of these two precious girls. So, our house is very full. And with that comes the duties of parenthood. So, I will make this trip without Vicki, but I will be surrounded by angels, and the King of the universe lives in me via His Holy Spirit. So, I will defenitly NOT be alone.

Pray that the truck and trailer operate smoothly with no problems. Pray that the roads are clear of anything that could cause harm, or slow my progress. Pray that the kids are all well, and are ready to recieve their shoeboxes.

And for those of you who made shoeboxes, rememeber, each day next year, pray for the child who recieved it!

This may be my last blog entry until I return. So God Bless and have a safe week!



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