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Back From Mexico

I got back in from Mexico last evening around 6:30. As with any mission trip, the key is:

Be Flexible, be flexible, be flexible.

After arriving, the following morning Bro. Don received a phone call that his grandmother had passed on. So, at that point everything got messed up (according to our plans). But as it always turns out, God was not surprised. Instead of having Don to carry me around to the orphanages, I was introduced to a new friend, John. John and Pauline are running an orphanage out of their home, and currently have 8 children with them. Even though I didn’t think I had enough shoe-boxes to go around after learning of 8 more children, God knew better. I told John how I felt bad that I had no idea that we were going to meet, and that I wish I had more. John, true servant of God that he was, told me not to worry, that God would supply.

John took us to both the Baptist and the Catholic orphanages and I gave out shoe-boxes and extra supplies at both. As we walked back to the truck, I looked over in the back and guess what? There were 8 shoe-boxes left! I called John over and we knew that we had just witnessed yet another miracle at the hands of our Father.

God is NEVER taken by surprise! HE knew before we even loaded up the trailer how many kids there were. And He had the right amount of boxes ready for them.

More Later……….

Have a Blessed Christmas and New Year. Thank all who helped us this year. It has been a wonderful year for LTCM. And people like you make it possible.


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