Adullam House

People in prison have kids. People in prison cant take care of their kids. If there is no family, or is no suitable family, then what happens to the kids? That is precisely where Adullam House steps in.  A ministry birthed in the hearts of Pete and Angie Spackman, Adullam house takes in kids that have no where else to go. Mothers who are pregnant when incarcerated who have no suitable family can give their kids to Pete and Angie and the staff at Adullam House will raise them in a Christian environment.

Adullam House is located in Wetumpka Al.  The kids have private school there, and can grow to adulthood and become useful citezens, filled with the knowledge of God, and loved by people who really care.

The heartbeat of LTCM is children. We could use our resources to go to foriegn soil and help orphans and children (and we do), but here is a need that lies at our doorstep. Vicki and I made the decision to donate a certain portion of our ministry to Adullam House.

A new link has been placed on the right hand column, that will click you right to Adullam House. We invite you to go to their website and take a look for yourselves.

For the Children – Mike and Vicki


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