Satanic Ripoff

A basketball fan at the Portland airport awaited the arrival of the Trailblazers following a victory over the Lakers and attempted to scalp a couple of tickets to the next game. As the shyster wormed through the crowd, he located a well-dressed man who listened to his offer.

“How much?” asked the gentleman.

“One hundred fifty bucks,” the scalper replied under his breath.

“Do you realize you’re talking to a plainclothes officer of the law?” the man asked. “I’m going to turn you in, fella.”

Suddenly the seller began to backpedal. He talked about how large a family he had . . . how much they needed him . . . how he’d never do it again.

“Just hand over the tickets and we’ll call it even,” said the well-dressed man. “And I’d better never catch you here again!”

But the worst was yet to come. The man was no officer at all. Just a quick-thinking guy who used a little ingenuity to rip off two choice seats to the next playoff game (as he anonymously admitted in the local newspaper several days later).

Satan’s strategy is just as ingenious and effective. For example, he hears what we hear from the pulpit on Sunday morning, and in the process he plans his approach. He baits the rip-off trap, then sets it up with just the right hair trigger:

An argument in the car after church over where to go for dinner.
Preoccupation with some worrisome problem during the message.
A personality conflict with another church member.

Silently Satan prowls around, camouflaged in the garb of our physical habits and our mental laziness, seeking to devour. Then, at the precise moment when it will have its greatest impact, he snatches away the very truth we need the most.

Remember that next Sunday morning. Prepare your heart and mind before the service, girding yourself with the armor of God.

Don’t let Satan rip you off.

In case you question the effectiveness of Satan’s strategy, think back just two or three weeks. Maybe even one will do. Do you remember the sermon title? How about the outline? Do you recall a couple of applicable principles? You see, his plan is working brilliantly.




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02 03 04 05 06 07

At three minutes and four seconds after 2 AM on the 6th  of May this year, the time and date will be.

02:03:04 05/06/07

This will never happen again.

J Just thought everybody would want to know that J

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A little boy was one day playing where there was an echo. “Hullo!” he shouted. “Hullo!” said the echo. “Who are you?” he asked. “Who are you?” was the reply. And he fancied that some other boy was mocking him, and became very angry. “Why don’t you come out?” he cried. “Come out,” answered echo. Quite exasperated, he shouted: “I’ll fight you!” And the voice replied: “Fight you!” Then the little fellow ran home and told his mother that there was a boy in the forest who mocked him and made fun of him and threatened to fight him. His wise mother, who knew all about the echo, smiled and said: “Run out again and shout: ‘I love you,’ and see what answer comes.” So the child ran out and shouted: “I love you!” And echo replied: “I love you!”

      Is it not a beautiful lesson? If you make faces before the mirror you see all the ugly looks reflected on its bright surface. And so the people around us often reflect our own temper and speech. “A soft answer turneth away wrath.”

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How long?

       As of today, I have lived 19,823 days of this terrestrial life.

How about you?  Multiply the years by 365.2425, then add the number of days since your last birthday.

That makes me 475,754 hours old. Or 28,545,258 minutes old. Or, well, lets don’t break it down to seconds, that would actually be depressing!

Have a Great Day!

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Let The Reddemed say SO!

Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So.


What a powerful verse!  In the modern King James version it is worded like this:

Psa 107:2  Let the redeemed of Jehovah say so, whom He has redeemed from the hand of the enemy,




I recently heard a powerful sermon preached on this and related verses. It was based on the lines that when we line up with God, and are seeking Him with our whole heart, that we may say so (in any situation) and it will be done.

As the speaker was expounding laong those lines, my mind was carried away by the Spirit and I was led to yet another aspect of this. Bear with me here.


Scenario:  The enemy of our souls, Satan ( Along with his coharts) constantly want to lead us away from the truth. We are besieged by thoughts that are not of God. Just as the serpent twisted the truth to Adam and Eve – “Did God really say that?” – we are constantly presented with a half truth or an outright lie by the forces of evil.


God spoke to me that day and said, when the enemy comes against your faith and tells you all manner of faith destroying lies, simply look him in the eye (spiritually) and say SO!


“Your going to have to file bankruptcy”


“Cancer runs in your family – you know that.”


“Your children are mine, God has no power to save them from me”


“You cant do that”



Are you getting the idea?  Just plant your hands on your hips, cock your head a little to the side, put a smirk on  your face and with the sassiest tone of voice you have, say SO!


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