Let The Reddemed say SO!

Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So.


What a powerful verse!  In the modern King James version it is worded like this:

Psa 107:2  Let the redeemed of Jehovah say so, whom He has redeemed from the hand of the enemy,




I recently heard a powerful sermon preached on this and related verses. It was based on the lines that when we line up with God, and are seeking Him with our whole heart, that we may say so (in any situation) and it will be done.

As the speaker was expounding laong those lines, my mind was carried away by the Spirit and I was led to yet another aspect of this. Bear with me here.


Scenario:  The enemy of our souls, Satan ( Along with his coharts) constantly want to lead us away from the truth. We are besieged by thoughts that are not of God. Just as the serpent twisted the truth to Adam and Eve – “Did God really say that?” – we are constantly presented with a half truth or an outright lie by the forces of evil.


God spoke to me that day and said, when the enemy comes against your faith and tells you all manner of faith destroying lies, simply look him in the eye (spiritually) and say SO!


“Your going to have to file bankruptcy”


“Cancer runs in your family – you know that.”


“Your children are mine, God has no power to save them from me”


“You cant do that”



Are you getting the idea?  Just plant your hands on your hips, cock your head a little to the side, put a smirk on  your face and with the sassiest tone of voice you have, say SO!



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