A little boy was one day playing where there was an echo. “Hullo!” he shouted. “Hullo!” said the echo. “Who are you?” he asked. “Who are you?” was the reply. And he fancied that some other boy was mocking him, and became very angry. “Why don’t you come out?” he cried. “Come out,” answered echo. Quite exasperated, he shouted: “I’ll fight you!” And the voice replied: “Fight you!” Then the little fellow ran home and told his mother that there was a boy in the forest who mocked him and made fun of him and threatened to fight him. His wise mother, who knew all about the echo, smiled and said: “Run out again and shout: ‘I love you,’ and see what answer comes.” So the child ran out and shouted: “I love you!” And echo replied: “I love you!”

      Is it not a beautiful lesson? If you make faces before the mirror you see all the ugly looks reflected on its bright surface. And so the people around us often reflect our own temper and speech. “A soft answer turneth away wrath.”


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