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Map of Faiths

A map showing the world’s many varied religions and Faiths.



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The Picture

Several have asked about the new picture on the banner at the top of the page. It was taken after a one day VBS program at Communidad de Amistad Cristiana. (Community of Christian Freindship) This is a local church in Piedras Negras. We had around 60 neighborhood kids in there, but some of them had allready left when we got to take the group picture. We finally got them rounded up and put Vicki in the middle and snapped the shot. Here it is before cropping for the banner.


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Slide Show

I have created a small slideshow of images from the Mexico trip. Click on the link that says View All Images. 



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Back / Important Prayer Request!

We are back from Piedras Negras! God was incredible as usual and although we set out to put shoes on 40 Orphans, upon arriving we discovered that there were more. All in all we purchased shoes for 53 children as well as equiping them with supplies for the school year! Praise God! At a one day VBS in a local church there, we watched as 6-7 children prayed for salvation for the 1st time!  God moved in the hearts of the children!

Now we have an urgent prayer request. LTCM needs a minivan for our trips to Mexico. We are going back in December to deliver the annual shoeboxes and we are believing that before we leave, there will be a new van sitting in our driveway. I have made specific requests to the Father about what we need, and I believe that we will soon see this prayer answered.

Please pray with us about this. It is truly an urgent need. Contact me by email if you need to know more, I will be glad to explain.

God bless ALL who gave and helped to send the team! Lives were affected for the cause of Christ!

Yours – Mike and Vicki

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In one week………..

From today, at this time (around noonish) we will be in Piedras Negras. This time, we have two others going with us. My bassist from the church (Lakewood Christian Centre) , Chelsea and another young lady from the youth group, Ashley.  This is their 1st time on a mission trip. I know that their eyes will be opened to many new things!

God has been more than great and has brought in the money to purchase the shoes. Also, we will be able to purchase some food for the pantries!

Pray for us as we pack and get everything ready. Pray for our safe passage. Pray that all obstacles in our way will be removed on the roadways and borders. Pray that we are a blessing to everyone we meet!

Remember, we leave on the 8th and return on the 14th!

God Bless!

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