My Sister in law Cindy wrote this piece below as an answer to the email I sent out earlier today about children growing up. It is about “Mom”, which refers to all Moms. I can only echo her sentiments, and to take it further, know that these same problems are compounded with orphans who have no Mom.  Thank God for people who love and care for orphans!   Enjoy Cindy’s writing………….


Mom was home when we were kids.  She did not want us messing up the house so we had to play outside.  On school days, we did our homework before playing – or else.  We only watched TV after dinner with our folks.  We had a certain bedtime with no ifs, ands, or buts.

Mom now usually has to work.  She is exhausted when she gets home and does not want the kids underfoot while she fixes dinner.  The world is too scary outside to let them wander about so she does not object to hours in front of the TV.  If she is not too frazzled, she will try to get the kids to do their homework before watching TV but more often than not she takes the path of least resistance.  Same with bedtime.  She is lucky to get them into their pajamas and tucked into bed.  Usually they fall asleep in their school clothes while watching inappropriate television shows.

The world is going much too fast.



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