LTCM has a new partner. A new contact in Mexico. A preaching machine. A prayer warrior. A servant of the Most High God. All of these things, rolled into one. Marcos Perez has been living here in our area for the past 2 years working, but more importantly – serving as a missionary to the hispanic community. Marcos is the pastor of our evening Servicio de Espanol at Lakewood. He works all day on Sunday, rushes home, cleans up and comes to the church with a powerful message to preach each Sunday evening. He has done a wonderful, powerful work in the hispanic community here. But now, it is time for him to go home and be with his family and embark on a new mission.

Marcos has a desire to open a ministry that will care for not only orphans, but also the elderly. He wants to do this in his home state of Tabasco. And to do this, he will need a means to contact people from all over to help him with the costs of this undertaking. LTCM wants to be a part of this. Knowing Marcos personally and having worked with him, Vicki and I felt the Lord leading us to provide him with a computer, not only for email purposes, but record keeping, etc.

Last night at the Servicio de Espanol, I was priviledged to  present him with a nice laptop. God made a way for us to get a great deal and we passed that on to our brother.


Vicki and I stand amazed at all that God is able to do through this ministry that HE called us to begin a mere 2 years ago. Brother Marcos is going to be a valuable contact for us in the future. He leaves here in December, heading home to wife and children and the beginnings of the new work that God has called him to do. Please keep Brother Marcos Perez in your prayers. And expect big things for the Kingdom to come through this man in the future.

Blessings!    Mike-n-Vicki, for the children.

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