The power of Two. John the baptist sent two disciples of his to ask Jesus the famous questions “are you the one?” Jesus sent His disciples out in twos. He chose 12, so that there would be even pairs of twos.  Even after Jesus had left the earth, the disciples chose a replacement for Judas, so that there would be an even number again.There is power in two. Where two or more are gathered……… Paul and Silas, Paul and Barnabas, Peter and Mark, Peter and John, the list goes on and on. What are the reasons for sending twos?

Accountability is one reason. Consider Peter, standing by himself by the fire while they accused Jesus inside. He was by himself. Sure – Jesus had foretold that Peter would deny him. But Jesus knew Peter. Peter had a habit of standing alone a lot. Remember, he was the only one who walked on water. He was also the only one who answered that Jesus was the Christ. If – Perhaps – Maybe – if Peter had drug another disciple along with him that night, he might have not denied his Master so quickly.

There are many reasons for twos. Accountability is just one. I’m sure that as you think on this thought, this week, that many other reasons will come to you.

Have a blessed week! Mike-n-Vicki


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