On Your Mark…….

Get Ready. Get ready; that is the stage that we are at now. The team has been assembled. The Boxes have been purchased. The stuffings are coming in and a date to stuff them has been set. Hot Wheel motorcycles have been donated for all the boys. Handmade macramé pins are being made for the girls. T-shirts have been ordered. Tonight, I make hotel reservations for the trip. Our missionary contact, Brother Donnie, is waiting our arrival. This is one of the greatest stages to be at. Excitement is starting to build.

Both young ladies that went with Vicki and I are scheduled to go again. This time, they won’t be packing as much luggage as last time, simply because we won’t have room. 100 shoeboxes are going to require 40 cubic feet of space. The planning is morphing into the final plan. The stops along the road are being rehashed from prior trips. Everything is falling into place. Our minivan is somewhere “on the way” to us. I can almost see it sitting loaded and ready to go.

Yes, we are at “Get Ready”. The next step is GO! Keep us in your prayers as we continue to serve our Lord by serving the children!


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