DON’T LOOK!!!!!!!!!

I love children. I love the innocence in the way that they say things that they don’t fully understand. Our 6 year old granddaughter rides the bus to school with her 7 year old sister. She always sits with her little friend from her class, Gracie. A few weeks ago they got into a little pushing, shoving kind of tussle. They were scolded by the driver and of course, MeMaw found out and she got lectured again. End of story – the next day they were sitting together again and have continued to ride that way since.

Last week, in the back of the bus, two older girls got into a fracas. Of course, everyone on the bus turned that way to look. Gracie turns around and gets up on her knees to look back. Our “little angel” grabs her, pulls her down and says “Gracie! Don’t look! We might get into a fight!”

How many times in our walk with Christ do we look at things that might cause us to wander off from the master? How is it that little lost lambs get lost in the 1st place? It is usually by sight. The grass looks greener over there, so we head that way, and soon the Master’s voice grows faint in the distance. We should focus our attention on whatever direction the Master is walking, for He knows the right way home.

Our grandaughter had the right idea. Instead of looking at the fight in the back of the bus, she knew that she needed to focus straight ahead on the way that the driver was headed. Home. Forget about the excitement and the hoopla going on in the back of the bus, just look straight ahead and soon you will be home. There will be no fighting at home. Look straight ahead and keep your eyes on the prize.

Ah, the simple lessons that a child can teach.  Have a great week in the Lord!



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