Palletize Me!

No, we are not at a fast food restaurant. That would be “Supersize me”. We are talking about a way to Contain, Load, and weatherproof 60+ shoeboxes for the trip to Mexico. 30+ shoeboxes will be handed out locally in the Montgomery area. The rest, we must transport in the back of our truck to Mexico. How do we: Keep them together, Keep them Dry, and basically Hide them from sight?

Imagine if you will 5 shoeboxes arranged in a 24″ x 28″ pattern. Throw those onto a 24″ x 28″ cut piece of plywood, and then add another layer and another layer on top. You end up with 15 boxes. Then you shrink wrap that with the clear wrap to bind it all together. Then you slip that into a giant dark green leaf bag. Then you wrap it again. You have just palletized! Now in a 4′ wide truck bed, we can slip 4 of those in and they will sit below the level of the rail, and not be seen, be weather proof and also not slide around.

The wrapping party is this Sunday at our local church. And as they get wrapped, a couple of us guys will palletize them. Load em up on the morning of the 13th and set the cruise control for Mexico!

I love it when a plan comes together!

Blessings! Mike-n-Vicki


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