It’s Silver, It Holds 7, and God IS Good!

Miracles come in all shapes, forms and fashions. One began for LTCM last year when Vicki was obedient to God and gave away her Jeep to a person who was in need. We began to believe for God to sprout that seed of faith into what we needed to carry teams to Mexico, and also to do the day to day chores of life and ministry. God spoke to the heart of a brother in another state to fill that need for us. He was obedient to the directive that God had given him, and I absolutely cannot wait to see what comes back into his life because of his obedience.

Wednesday, there was one vehicle parked in the carport at LTCM headquarters (our house). Thursday a miracle arrived and is now parked beside the truck that has made so many trips to Mexico. Magnetic signs already installed – here sits the Miracle Minivan!


It is – a 2008 Kia Sedona. It is – a Miracle from God. God has been so good to us since we began this ministry. Every step of the way He has filled every need. Monthly support from numerous people gives LTCM the ability to provide support to orphanages and various projects as they pop up. A partner purchased a projector for us to fill that need. 100 shoe boxes were filled and delivered at Christmas! The list of things that God has done is far too long to list here.

We rejoice that God has chosen us to Go. We rejoice that God has chosen you, our partners, to Send us. We are constantly humbled by God’s people as they hear His voice and supply the needs of LTCM.

For all of you who give – God bless your seed and multiply it back to you.

For all who pray for us – May your prayers and your needs be answered and met.


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