As I type this, there are 6 team members ready to go.  Money is starting to come in for shoes, and the other supplies we will take. We even have a partner who is contributing a small pallet of brand new Tonka trucks! So, now we have what is known as a “Good” problem. We have the minivan, and we have a “cartopper” to go on top, but the way everything is working out, that will still not be enough room for 6 people and everything else that is going. Here is a list of what needs to go in July:

  • Electric wheelchair that has been donated for a minister’s wife who is wheelchair bound. (This is a blessing that MUST go)
  • A small pallet of Tonka trucks for all the kids in the orphanages has been pledged.
  • Clothing
  • School supplies for the 08/09 year.
  • Hygiene supplies

The solution? A trailer that is big enough, but not so big as to strain the drive train on the minivan. Here is such a trailer.


It’s a TC461 Trekker, by Wells Cargo. It is a 4×6 with a roof line that is the same height as the minivan, so wind resistance will not come into play. We were going to try and wait until this fall to get this (to haul the shoeboxes with) but it is turning out that we will need it in July. We need to get that wheelchair there. We need to get those brand new Tonka trucks there. Total cost for this unit will be $1,811.77 including tax, and title.

Please pray with us on this need. We know that God will get this to us, just as he has supplied every other need – always “Right on time”.


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