New Page / Book

LTCM has a new page and also a new offer. A great friend and brother in the Lord has given us the opportunity to pass along a great book that has already helped many to overcome various addictions.

The new page is located HERE.  Check it out today and if you know someone show is struggling with an addiction, this book can help.



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What Have You Done Now?

As a young boy growing up, I heard these words quite often. Usually right before the inevitable spanking would ensue. But today I ask this question in light of you, our partners. And I ask – What have you done now? Allow me to answer for you.

  1. Your contributions are putting food in the tummies of orphans at 4 different orphanages.
  2. Your contributions are sending children to summer Bible camp in Ukraine.
  3. Your contributions are funding various small projects associated with these children.
  4. Your contributions WILL:
  • Put shoes on children this summer.
  • Put Propane in tanks for cooking
  • Buy school supplies
  • Buy Pajamas
  • Buy hygiene items

Best of all, you have put smiles on faces. See, Vicki and I can only do so much, and that is where you – our partners come in. Through your contributions we have grown from just simply making trips to help with these orphans to actually providing monthly funding for 4 orphanages. When this all began in the summer of 2005, we had no idea that it would be at this level. All glory to God, our Father.


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The Push Is On!

The Push is on for the shoe project.  Our date to leave out is 27th of July. We need all the help we can get with purchasing 100 pair of shoes.  Cost ranges from $15-20 per pair.

For some of these children, this will be the one pair of shoes that they will receive this year.  For some, it actually may be the 1st ever NEW pair of shoes they have ever had.  For some, it will be the 1st time they have ever stepped inside a shoe store to be fitted.

Would you help us with this project?  Would you help to put a pair of shoes, or several pair of shoes on orphans this summer?


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Church Shift

Church Shift by Sunday Adelaja.  I just finished reading this intriguing book by the pastor of  the largest church in Ukraine.  I highly reccomend reading this book to any believer. The principles outlined and expounded in this book will ring true to any believer who is concerned with the promotion of the Kingdom of God.

I hope that it blesses you as it did me.  You can purchase directly HERE or at different retailers like, etc.


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It’s Always The Children……..

Who suffer the most. Myanmar (Burma) is ruled by a “junta” government. What is a junta, you say?  Think about the former Iraq government with a bunch of generals sitting around in lavish surroundings while the majority of the masses dont even have electricity.  That……….is Myanmar.

The latest ploy of the junta?  Seizing food at the ariport when the UN flies it in. Pasting labels over theUN labels saying : “This aid given by General #######”.  While a military dictatorship flaunts its muscle over state run TV, kids like these go hungry.

It’s always the children who suffer, when the adults can do nothing but think of themselves.


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It’s Not Their Fault

Digging, scrounging, trying to find something to eat, something to wear, anything. Some have lost parents, some have lost everything. Their whole worlds are shattered. And the government that represents them now seizes the food meant for them, not allowing representatives to distribute.  Aid agencies like Samaritans Purse are not allowed in.

We can only pray that the food gets to them. These children may suffer more at the hands of their corrupt government than the cyclone could ever do. The cyclone is gone. But the government is not.

Pray today for these children. Believe God that not only will they get aid, but that they will come to know Christ as well.


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Myanmar / Morelos

Myanmar. To my knowledge I have never heard that name before, but as of now it is etched into my memory forever. Located east of India and west of Laos and Thailand, Myanmar is a nation also known to many as Burma, the largest country in Southeast Asia. A few days ago a cyclone of epic proportions hit Myanmar and now as of this morning the death toll is exceeding 22,000. My heart is torn knowing that there are children now made orphans by this disaster. Please pray for the families that are left and have the task of sorting their lives out, burying their dead, and starting over again. If you care to donate to this, I recommend Samaritan’s Purse.

One of our orphanage directors in Morelos, Mexico sent a report that I recieved in email this morning. John Bivens ( Rainbow Ministries ) writes :

Good evening and God bless. I hope this finds you all well and blessed. Just a little update and some prayer requests. We now have 22 children including 2 baby girls. Many of you know that our numbers fluctuate, we have had a few children go home and we have recently recieved 4 new children. Three of the new ones are siblings, 2 two girls and one boy. One of the girls is 18 months old and came to us in very poor condition. She is beginning to show some improvement but it has been a long road, and long nights… One of our biggest prayer request is for Isaac. Last week he had an accident and has 2 breaks in his ankle. Although they are supposed to operate tomorrow, he has been waiting for days in the hospital. Claudia and her mother and mother -n-law have been with him and are taking shifts at the hospital. Please keep him in your prayers. Paulina and I are ok but pretty tired please pray for us, I know the Lord gives us strength. We have several special needs and would like for you to pray with us about them. One item of great concern is the physical health of all of us here. Please pray the Lords protection over all of us. There are other needs but would ask that you pray for the Lords favor on us and this Ministry. Thank you and God bless.
John & Paulina Bivens

rainbow Ministries ( Casa Hogar) is one of the orphanages that we support, with the help of our partners. Thanks for all that you, our partners do in prayer and in giving! Please pray for these needs today.

Much Love – Mike-n-Vicki

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