In one week, it will be the 3rd anniversary of God speaking to Vicki and I to begin this ministry. We were at a summer Bible camp in Crimea, Ukraine surrounded by 150 orphans and various camp workers. I remember clearly God telling me that if we would be obedient, that He would supply all we needed for this ministry. He has certainly not failed in His promise to us.

I look back at all that has happened. In a time where scrutiny abounds concerning ministries and charities, we have jumped all the hoops and been awarded our 501c3 tax exempt status. We have given away a vehicle only to see another come in. Every time God has ramped up what He wants us to do, He has used His children to send us what we need.

Today as I type this, 5 people are ready to go with us on the summer trip to Mexico. In a new minivan provided by God. Pulling a trailer filled with Wheelchairs, toys, crafts, and supplies. Headed 1000 miles to buy shoes for children in need.

4 orphanages recieve assistance EACH month through the generosity of God’s people. Propane is purchased to cook with. Food is bought to cook and eat.

In 2 weeks, two children from the Chernobyl area in Ukraine will head to a summer bible camp, their expenses paid for. Another fatherless child in Simferopol, Ukraine will begin English lessons at the hand of one of our interpreters, who will also teach him the “things of God”.

We are planning a church building trip in the Yucatan peninsuila. More on that later.

We stand amazed at all God has done in these past 3 years. Little did we know that we would be reaching people not only at home, but internationally.  God is good. God is awesome. And you know what? the best is still to come!  A few months ago, I recieved direction from God to ” ramp it up”.

So, I now place that calling on you, the partners. On the 27th of July, we will travel to buy shoes and deliver the supplies that are so needed. But after returning on the 2nd of August, we will already be planning the December trip. We will be buying 300 pairs of Pajamas!!!!!

This is in addition to the shoeboxes. See, every time we go, God is calling for more. And our part is to go. It is His part to supply, and supply He does!

Keep us in your prayers as we try to wrap up details for the Summer trip. Passports for team members are in the works, and gas keeps climbing higher.

For the Children


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Seven is a good number.  7 is God’s number.  7 denotes perfection. 7 comes right before 8, which means a new beginning. 7 is the cumulative number. 7 is good.

7 is the number of people that the LTCM minivan will hold. 7 is the number of people who have paid their deposit to go on the summer trip to purchase shoes.

The excitement level is building. This trip, my pastor is going with us. It has been several years since he has been to see Brother Don in Mexico. 2 of the team members from last year’s shoe trip will be going again.

We still need money for shoes. Can you buy a pair or two for orphans?  $20 is not much for a brand new pair of shoes. Two pairs of shoes will only cost you $40. Our goal this year is 100 pairs of shoes. We are counting on you!!!



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