Bethany – Day 1

Bethany started becoming a reality today. Bob, Mike & Pansie, Raul & Janeth, Beto & Rebecca, Polo, Vicki & myself ran chainsaws, drug saplings and brush, and topped the good saplings – laying the firewood to the side and throwing the tops on a huge burn pile.

This pile is taller than me, and is 30′ in diameter. All in all, we cleared over half an acre of thick brush to begin the roadway back into the 3 1/2 acres that IS Bethany. The pile will dry out over the next few weeks and we will set fire to it and burn it. The plan is once a month to have a clearing day, and that way soon we will be ready for a bulldozer to come in and actually build the roadway.

Raul and Polo took care of the job of dragging the saplings to the pile area, then topping them and creating the pile.  It sure is nice to have young people who can take up the slack on us older folk. Here is Raul and Polo.

What a great day it was. We had a lunch of Pulled Pork, Beans, Queso dip, and many other goodies. It was a great beginning for Bethany!

Continue to pray for us as we continue to follow the Leading of the Holy Spirit in this great project he has called us to.



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