The Push Is On!

It’s hard for some of us to imagine not having a pair of Pajamas. Oh, I know that there are plenty of people out there who sleep in an old raggedy T-shirt or Boxers or some such. But usually that is a personal preference and not a necessity that drives that decision. If you never had a pair of Pajamas, in all probability you would cherish them and wear them every night. And if you were a kid with your first pair, your parent or caregiver would be hard pressed to get them away from you just to wash them!

On November 29th, the LTCM minivan and trailer heads south to deliver pajamas and shoeboxes to the orphans of Piedras Negras and Morelos. We invite you to be a part of that now. We desperately need the funds now to purchase the Pajamas and also to fill the shoeboxes. Here is how you can help:

20 dollars will fill a shoebox and get it there, wrapped and with the Childs name on it. 15 dollars will buy a pair of pajamas and get them there, wrapped and with the child’s name on it. 35 dollars will get both items to them. Can you find it in your heart today to help with this annual project?

We need your tax deductible gift of $15, $20, $35, $100 or more today. It is easy to give, online or via USPS. To donate online, simply go to the Donation page of this site and click on the Donate button. You will be taken to the Pay Pal site, where you really don’t even have to be a Pay Pal member to donate. You can use your Visa, Mastercard, etc without having a Pay Pal account!

Or you can address a check or money order to LTCM / 881 Venable Rd / Wetumpka AL 36092.

The lists are already coming in with the children’s names and sizes. The nighttime temperatures in the aird desert area that we go to are dropping. Soon it will be quite cold at night. What a wonderful gift a pair of warm pajamas would be!

Blessings! Mike-n-Vicki

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Otha Anderson Carneal II

A true gentleman passed to his reward 10/09/2008. He was my uncle, friend, and sometimes mentor. His sound advice and wisdom through the years will sorely be missed. As will his gentle spirit that caused so many to fall in love with him.

Born in Selma Alabama on April Fools Day of 1918, he often joked that he never got a decent birthday gift. If he never did, you would not know it; For he gave gifts in many forms all through his life.

My earliest memory of my uncle was one day when he was at our home, and my older brother was attempting to teach me to stand on my head ( against the wall). I was having some difficulty learning to do it, and Uncle Otha offered to show us boys “how to properlly do it”. In a flash there he was head down, feet up against the wall as straight as a board. And everything fell out of his pockets! There was a mad dash from my brother and I to see what had fallen out, and we were in the way of Uncle Otha getting back down. I thought that mom ( his sister) was going to cry she laughed so hard.  For years after that, I would ask him to stand on his head for me, and he never once minded obliging me, but always made sure to clear his pockets first!

I never heard him curse or swear. I never heard him deride or belittle another person. I only ever received encouragement from him. He was a life example to me in many ways. Steadfast in his faith in Christ – unwavering. The caring, loving husband and father. Little did he know that I patterned major portions of my life from his example. I can only hope and pray that at the end of my days here in this sojourn on terra firma, that people think of me as they did of him.

I think I have some catching up to do.  I will miss you Uncle Otha. But, I will see you again then, won’t I? Thank you Lord, for allowing me to share his life.


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Work Day / PJ’s

Saturday 10/18/08 will be another work day for Bethany. All who want to come out and help cut,drag and burn please do so. We will kick off around 8 O clock and break for lunch at noon.

Thinking about PJ’s. Having a nice warm pair of PJ’s to put on before crawling in bed is a wonderful thing. If you don’t have them ( which the clear majority of the orphans we deal with in Mexico don’t) then the only alternative is to sleep in your same clothes you wear during the day.

Would you help to buy a pair for a child for Christmas this year? Vicki and I will buy them by size and gender, and deliver them the 1st week of December. At the same time we will be delivering the shoe-boxes. We also need funds for those.

Keep LTCM in your prayers as the reactions to the economic downturn affects us all. Remember that there is not a man made institution that can guarantee that your money will be safe. But investing in the Kingdom of God always pays dividends!!!!

If you have a Pay Pal account, you can click the button below to help with these projects. Or Click the button at the top of the screen to go to the Donations Page.  Thanks!!


May the Lord bless you and keep you!


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Donating Made Easier

At the suggestion of some we have implemented a new donation method. PayPal is now available for those who wish to use that method of imbursment. CLICK HERE to navigate to the Donations page and you will see a button there for PayPal. And now would be a great time to make a donation. We are beginning to get ready for the Shoebox / Pajama trip in December and lots has to be done.

Blessings to all!

Mike and Vicki

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