Otha Anderson Carneal II

A true gentleman passed to his reward 10/09/2008. He was my uncle, friend, and sometimes mentor. His sound advice and wisdom through the years will sorely be missed. As will his gentle spirit that caused so many to fall in love with him.

Born in Selma Alabama on April Fools Day of 1918, he often joked that he never got a decent birthday gift. If he never did, you would not know it; For he gave gifts in many forms all through his life.

My earliest memory of my uncle was one day when he was at our home, and my older brother was attempting to teach me to stand on my head ( against the wall). I was having some difficulty learning to do it, and Uncle Otha offered to show us boys “how to properlly do it”. In a flash there he was head down, feet up against the wall as straight as a board. And everything fell out of his pockets! There was a mad dash from my brother and I to see what had fallen out, and we were in the way of Uncle Otha getting back down. I thought that mom ( his sister) was going to cry she laughed so hard.  For years after that, I would ask him to stand on his head for me, and he never once minded obliging me, but always made sure to clear his pockets first!

I never heard him curse or swear. I never heard him deride or belittle another person. I only ever received encouragement from him. He was a life example to me in many ways. Steadfast in his faith in Christ – unwavering. The caring, loving husband and father. Little did he know that I patterned major portions of my life from his example. I can only hope and pray that at the end of my days here in this sojourn on terra firma, that people think of me as they did of him.

I think I have some catching up to do.  I will miss you Uncle Otha. But, I will see you again then, won’t I? Thank you Lord, for allowing me to share his life.



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