An Interesting Twist

God always moves in ways we cannot understand. At a time when the economic “scare” has people holding tight to see what will happen, our funds have almost stopped coming in. Decisions have to be made to which area to possibly cut back on, and that is something that we dont want to happen. I know that both projects – Shoeboxes and Pajamas are something that God told us to do. But when the funds are not there, either you make changes to plans or God works a miracle.

In a sleepy little hamlet in Louisiana, right on our route to Mexico is a church and group of ladies that are going to do the shoeboxes. All we have to do about that is to stop on the way and load them into the trailer! Praise God!

That leaves the Pajamas.  We need to get these purchased. We basically have less than a month to get them purchased and to get them wrapped and loaded. That is not a lot of time!

Could you find it in your heart today to send $20 to buy a pair of Pajamas for a child who has none? Could you stretch that and buy 2 pair?  You might say that $20 is a lot for a pair of pajamas, but you must figure in the cost of buying, wrapping, and transportation to get them there.

It is turning cold at night in the region of Mexico that we minister in. What a blessing it would be to provide a pair of pajamas for a child, knowing that they sleep warmer at night.

Pray and see what God would have you do.  Blessings to all.



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