A New Phase

Some time back, God spoke to me in a Sunday morning service. His words were simple. “It is time to ramp up the ministry. Some things will fall to the side, but I have already prepared people to pick them up”. I knew that this would mean the eventual closure of my tenure as Music Minister and Deacon in our local Body. I just did not know when.

The time has come, and after talking with Pastor Joey, I have tendered my resignation at LCC. Vicki and I will still call LCC our home and will attend services at LCC when we are not on the road somewhere, until such time as God tells us otherwise. We are now available to speak and minister in other churches and gatherings. And we will be doing that to increase awareness of LTCM and to also simply be a blessing wherever God directs us.

Having served at LCC for 17 years this was not an easy thing to do. The choice was simple. Do what God said. Doing it was another matter indeed. But God knows best, and when you become comfortable in what you are doing, the tendency to become hum drum is easy. God sometimes takes us out of our comfort zone and it is during those times that we grow. We are stretched and pulled and do things that we swear that we are not able to do, but He shows Himself strong during those times, and our faith is increased.

Please pray for Vicki and me as we make this transition. Thank you all for your prayers and faithfulness.


November 6, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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