In High Gear

For those who are not on the email list CLICK HERE and you will be added and get all the updates that I don’t post here on the blog. We are back and rested up from the Pajama/Shoe Box trip and thankful to God for all He did! Now the push is on to get Bethany up and started.

1st thing is to finish clearing the land. We have a brother in the Lord who operates a brush clearing service. He will finish the last 3 acres for $2500. That is a wonderful price that will pay his operating costs and save us time and money. The rate he is giving is an offering to LTCM in it’s own right.

Next item is drives and utilities. We are talking with providers of those services now and I will report back when we have some good bids.

After that – housing. God has shown me that there are people with travel trailers that are contemplating selling them as I type this. This will be a wonderful opportunity to bless the kingdom by donating those to Bethany. We can park them, hook them up to the utilities and have space for people quickly.

In these economic times, no one is sure of much. There is truly only one thing that we can be sure of. God’s principles will always work! He will take care of His people, and this is no exception.

Don’t forget that monthly we support 4 orphanages, and various other children Here, in Mexico and Ukraine! Don’t forget that we depend on you to help us with all that God does.

Blessings!    Mike-n-Vicki


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Last Day Prep

The last day before a trip can be hectic. Follow with me as I attempt to document everything that Vicki and I do during this day. Hold on to your hats!

5:15 AM Alarm sounds. Jack Black the rooster is already crowing outside, and soon Rocky will join him in the morning chorus. Pull ourselves from a nice warm bed. Vicki cooks chorizo and eggs to go into breakfast wraps. I’m in the shower. Check the internet weather and make sure there are no important emails. Feed and check on the animals: 1 dog, 3 cats, 13 grown chickens, 3 adolescent chicks in a brooder, 9 bitties in a cardboard brooder and turn the eggs in the incubator. Did I mention that we have become chicken ranchers? I get all the morning duties done and begin the 30 minute drive to work and Vicki starts in on wrapping.

12:00 Noon I’m here at work and truly this is the 1st time I have gotten to actually do anything besides work. I have spent the entire morning finishing up a quote for a customer that needs to be finished before I leave. It is done, and as I each lunch, I type. Now comes time to prep my boss on everything I’m working on so if my customers call next week……… and also – CLEAN my cubicle.

Vicki is at Walmart killing 4-5 birds with one stone. Tires are being rotated on the van, buying several more pairs of PJs, a few cards for the family of a friend whose father passed, and going to the bank.  Then she will start packing clothes.

OK………Its 8 days later…..and I’m just now finishing this!  Reason?  Got so busy on the last day, that I just didnt have time to document anything else!!!!!!


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Just like the countdown for the Space Shuttle, except we are counting days instead of seconds. 5 days from now we will be leaving early in the morning to begin the long drive to Piedras Negras. 2 days of driving will put us there on Sunday afternoon at the home of Don and Aimee Crabtree, our friends and hosts.

Yesterday we attended AM services with Living Hope Bible Fellowship in Montgomery where Bob & Pat McElvy pastor. Bob and I were friends before both of us met Jesus (Within weeks of each other)years ago. We worshipped with the flock there and were prayed over and blessed. Then last night we attended at G. Hardin Chapel on the grounds of Adullam House. Covering prayers were added there. God bless both those flocks for their support and prayers.

But that is not all the prayer that we need. We need everyone to lift us up before, during and after this trip. Here are some specifics:

  • Before – For Gods protection over our time to get all last minute details worked out, and making sure that everything is purchased and packed.
  • During – God’s protection on the journey both ways. God’s anointing as we hand out PJs and boxes and fellowship with the people, and as well as if we are called upon to speak. Blessings for Don & Aimee and their ministry.
  • After – A time of refreshing as we will be weary in body. God’s continued anointing as we are called to speak and sing at various churches. Open doors at churches and groups to go and speak to.

Once again, Ashley will be making the trip with us. She is such a blessing to the children and to us also. Keep her in your prayers on all fronts as well.


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