In High Gear

For those who are not on the email list CLICK HERE and you will be added and get all the updates that I don’t post here on the blog. We are back and rested up from the Pajama/Shoe Box trip and thankful to God for all He did! Now the push is on to get Bethany up and started.

1st thing is to finish clearing the land. We have a brother in the Lord who operates a brush clearing service. He will finish the last 3 acres for $2500. That is a wonderful price that will pay his operating costs and save us time and money. The rate he is giving is an offering to LTCM in it’s own right.

Next item is drives and utilities. We are talking with providers of those services now and I will report back when we have some good bids.

After that – housing. God has shown me that there are people with travel trailers that are contemplating selling them as I type this. This will be a wonderful opportunity to bless the kingdom by donating those to Bethany. We can park them, hook them up to the utilities and have space for people quickly.

In these economic times, no one is sure of much. There is truly only one thing that we can be sure of. God’s principles will always work! He will take care of His people, and this is no exception.

Don’t forget that monthly we support 4 orphanages, and various other children Here, in Mexico and Ukraine! Don’t forget that we depend on you to help us with all that God does.

Blessings!    Mike-n-Vicki

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