A part of the ministry of Bethany will be Chickens (along with other livestock). Chickens will serve multiple purposes. at present we have 3 Barred Rock hens, 1 Barred Rock rooster, 2 Rhode Island Red hens, 1 Rhode Island Red rooster and 2 Buff Orpington hens. We get eggs everyday from the ones that are old enough to lay.



Above is a picture of Deacon, our Red Rooster. We raised him from 8 days old. As soon as I go out the back door, he comes running looking for a treat. He is one of the friendliest roosters I have ever known. I can spend hours in the yard with our chickens, and it truly is good therapy.

The service that chickens will serve at Bethany are:

  • Therapeutic. In many ways, from simply watching the antics of these beautiful creatures as they scratch and browse through the woods of Bethany, to helping in the care of them. Locking them up at night. Filling the waterers. Gathering the eggs. Sometimes these simple things can take your mind off of any worries that you might have.

  • Food source. Eggs from free-ranging chickens are a wonderful and healthy food staple. If you have never eaten an egg from a chicken that has been eating bugs and worms, you are truly missing out on a taste treat.

  • A source of income. Egg sales, chick sales.

  • A source of fertilizer. All natural and organic, chicken droppings are a gardeners friend. No chemicals on the raised beds of the gardens of Bethany. Our friends the chickens will take care of that for us.

100_8816Holding baby chicks is a great source of learning, amusement and is a lesson in caring for God’s creation. Chickens will play a vital role at Bethany. In a way, they will be egg-zactly what the doctor ordered.  Chickens – ya gotta love em!



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