The Other Side Of The Door


As I was standing in my garage with one of my closest brothers in the Lord this past Saturday, a newness of revelation knowledge flooded over me. I truly do not think I will ever be the same again. Marc had come up to just be a brother for the day. I was cleaning out the garage, a much needed and too long put off chore, and Marc was doing what he had been asking of me for a long time, detailing my motorcycle. I had denied him what he had considered something that he had wanted to do out of love, and finally I gave in and let him assume the role of servant in that arena.

A break in the action was taking place and as we stood leaning on the garbage can, we were talking about relationships. At the moment we were discussing the relationship that Vicki and I share. Vicki and I can ride for miles on a road trip and never have to say anything. Just being there with each other on the journey is sufficient. Just being with her at home is one of the greatest treasures of my life, and for her the feeling is mutual.

At work, I will email her several times a day. Sometimes I will have a legitimate question or request, or I will be answering a question but always the email ends with an “I love you”. Not because I need to tell her that, but more along the lines that it is a privilege that also garners great rewards. Sometimes I simply email her to tell her one thing, that I miss her. For I truly do miss her when I am away from her. Three o’clock means one thing to me: I get to go home and be with her.

Vicki and I pledged in front of God and witnesses that we would do many things and one of those was that in essence we would be each other’s best friend. It is a relationship that goes deep into your innermost being. My life is hers and hers is mine. We can just be together in close proximity and be happy. Part of that is knowing that when I need something she will drop what she is doing and help me with it. Of course the opposite is true too as I will drop what I am doing in an instant for her.

Marc and I were in the garage. Vicki was in the house. I told Marc that our relationship with Christ is similar. Vicki was just on the other side of the door to the garage. A walk over to the door, and open the door and I could call her name and within a short period of time whatever I was having trouble with would be no longer, for she would be there to help. And the reason that the help would be quickly there is simple. Our relationship is in order.

It was that instant that Marc and I were enlightened with a new saying. Our help is just on the other side of the door. If our relationship with Christ is in order then it is a simple matter of walking to the door and calling His name. It is a simple matter that what we cannot do on our own can be done if we call our Master to help us.

Like my relationship with Vicki does not depend on constant verbal communication, neither does our relationship with Christ. To be with Him is the important part. Not what you say to Him, but simply this: Are you there with Him? Is He right on the other side of the door? Are you there where you are supposed to be? I used to listen to preachers who inferred that you must be talking with Christ non stop or your relationship was not correct. I suggest that being with Him means more to Him than how much you talk to Him. Words can be meaningless, but being there speaks stronger than any words.

Be there with Him. Stay there with Him. If something drags you away from Him, punch the clock and hurry home. Be with him. He is right on the other side of the door.


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  1. Dear Mike & Vicki,

    What a beautiful tribute to each other. Just what it’s supposed to be like! Praise God!

    Don Wood

    Comment by fiwl | January 13, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thanks Don.
    I watched an interesting program on India last night. I learned a lot.
    Bless you in your efforts there my friend!

    Comment by ltcm | January 13, 2009 | Reply

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