Family Ties – IV

wagon_11Many factors can cause people to move away from family when the call of God is not present. In the original expansion of America for example, vast tracts of land awaited. Families who had worked as indentured servants to various lords, governors and influential desired to have land of their own. These people, many of whom left hearth and home from Europe, had left all in the search for prosperity and freedom. But once they were established in a location, family took root there.

Today it is a different story. Disagreement, strife, and rebellion can fuel the desire to move. Unforgiveness usually is the driving force in these instances. Abuse as a child, the rebellioness of youth can cause children to maintain an attitude of unforgiveness towards parents and ultimately cause relocation and a subsequent total separation of the heart as well.

The truly sad thing in most of these cases of relocation due to unforgiveness is that sometimes children never get to meet their grandparents. Who knows, but that God may have planned for the grandchildren to be the turning point in the grandparents lives. It may have been the very thing that finally softened their hearts and caused them to repent of the very thing that drove the family apart.

As I stated before, expansion of a nation is a huge driving force of relocation and separation. Many stories exist in this country of a man and family moving west, leaving hearth and home of family behind, and once arriving and settling never again making the trip back home. America was built on such stories, and many of such are less than 200 years old.

The next installment of this ongoing essay will address a very touchy subject. It is one that I do not take lightly, and am becoming more and more outspoken about each and every day. It is, for lack of better words “The Dumbing Down of Our Youth.”


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