Family Ties – IV


I promised to discuss a subject dear to my heart – the Dumbing Down of America. I know that I said it was to be the Dumbing Down of our Youth, but truly it goes much further than that. I will keep this short and to the point, simply because there is something heavier laying on my heart tonight. Here we go.

We have allowed far too much idiocy to enslave us as a nation via the “Idiot tube” (Television).

Reality TV is a sore, festering and coming to a boil. A never ending crescendo of pushing the censors to the edge. And the censors are in a constant state of retreat. Then our children are no better off when we allow them to continually watch the never ending parade of teenage stars on the Disney network, that always seem to be on the fringe in their personal lives. How many Disney stars can you count that have actually led a life that would be a good example for your children?

OK. Point made. No more preaching, just time for reflection on what you are watching. Now I shift gears to the true subject at hand. Vicki and I got a belated Christmas card and letter from a dear elderly couple. They are in the process of exhausting their lives savings on a “Retirement Home” that feeds them 3 meals a day, and a room to live in.

What happened to the family tie? Where are the sons and daughters that should be taking care of this couple? They followed their pursuits of the American Dream and now live far away. Has there been an invitation for the elderly couple to come live with any of them? No, I fear not. They are left to spend their money and end their lives here on earth separated from those who should be loving and caring for them.

I will not sleep as well tonight because of this. My heart aches for millions of elderly who have nowhere to turn but some form of institution that only will deplete their resources and them end up a burden on the already overtaxed system. They should be at home, in the family home, surrounded by not only children, but grand and great-grandchildren.

When will we learn this lesson?  My heart is heavy tonight.


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