A Slower Pace


Go to bed with the chickens, get up with the chickens. That was a topic of discussion last night at our home after a nice Bible Study on Mark 1&2. Our lives can sometimes be so full that we are literally worn out when we go to bed. Hours of sleep were a hot topic. Vicki and I normally go to bed around 10PM and get up around 5:15 AM. I have to be at work at 7, and I am almost never late. Rather, I am consitently early by at least 15 minutes. Now that translates out to 7 hours of sleep. ( We go to sleep fast) Studies say that 7-8 hours is enough for someone our age.

But is that right? Look at the chickens for a moment, or even other animals. Rocky and the girls are making their way into the coop around 4:45 PM and by dark (5:15) they are fast asleep. Around 4 in the morning Rocky starts stirring and crowing, but they dont come out into the yard until light which is normally around 6:30 AM. Do the math on that one! 11 hours, anyway you look at it.

Now, I’m not saying that we need 11 hours sleep. What I am really saying is that we need rest. God created the sabbath for man. Jesus said that in Mark chapter 2. He said that man was not created for the sabbath, but rather the sabbath was created for man. Not only do we need enough sleep in our lives, we also need that day of rest.

Now in Christian circles the accepted norm is to use the Lord’s day (Sunday) as a day to replace the sabbath. But even on that day, many times it is not a day of rest. People will find a church that has an early service so that they can go fulfill their “obligation” early in the morning so that they have a full day to pursue recreation. Is there anything wrong with recreation on Sunday? No, not at all. A day of rest was created for man, not man for it.

I know that Sunday afternoons are a time of rest for me. A time to slow down and enjoy not having to be anywhere, do anything but simply relax and wind down in anticipation of the week ahead. It is a part of a slower pace that we all need. Slow is good. Nothing wrong with slow.

Go to bed with the chickens, get up with the chickens.


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