Ha Ha, Fooled You!


The way we get these eggs laid in the nice clean pile of wood shavings in the nesting box is rather simple. We fooled the girls into using the nesting box instead of the floor of the coop, outside somewhere in the woods, or somewhere else that we would never find. How did we fool them? By using a decoy. And the amazing thing is, the decoy didn’t even have to look exactly correct. It was just a resemblance of the original.

Look at the picture below and you will see the decoy.


A golf ball. When the pullets ( young hens under 1 year old) were starting to get old enough to lay, we laid a golf ball in the nesting box. Of course during the rambling around in the day, they probably investigated the entirety of the coop, and had to see the ball. It has worked to perfection. Every egg except 2 has been laid in the nesting box now, and the younger birds will pay attention as the older ones lay, and the cycle will perpetuate.

How many times have we been fooled by decoys in our lives, and ultimately gone places and done things that we later regretted? That’s the thought for the day.



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