As I perused my usual news sources on the web this morning, weeding through everything from gloom and doom predictions to how much weight a pop star had gained, I came upon an article of particular pertinence. A major televangelist has resigned and the ministry is several million in debt. No need to go into names or places, as what I have to say doesn’t need that to drive the point home.

The article progressed and talked about how they were blaming the recession for a lack of giving. It seems however that the long time figurehead and founder is now 82 and a few years back handed over the reigns to his son. Which brings me to my point: Where does our loyalty lie when it comes to giving?

In the article a survey had been done on giving, and this was the ultimate conclusion. “It’s a problem common to personality driven ministries. Most have collapsed or been greatly diminished after their founders left the pulpit or died.” Now the question arises; is our loyalty to a ministry, or a man?

Also in the article: “Members often tie their donations to the pastor, not the institution, said Nancy Ammerman, a sociologist of religion at Boston University.” And; “Viewers are probably much less likely to give when it’s not their preacher they’re giving to,” she said. “There’s something about these televised programs where people develop a certain loyalty.”

Where do your loyalties lie today? Do you attend a certain church because you like the style of music? Do you attend because you like a pastor? Do you attend because the message preached caters to you, rather than challenging you?

Good questions, all. If you answered yes to even one of the 3 above questions, some soul searching may be in order.


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