Morning light casting her glow. A hint of dew still lingering. A haypile is many things to a creature that eats bugs and worms. The light enhances the colors. The sheer goldness of the Buff Orpingtons reflects the light in it’s morning state. Deacon the Rhode Island Red rooster stands at attention with head erect, scanning around for danger that might lurk in the woods.

He is a sentinel as the girls scratch and pull and slowly over time dismantle the pile of rotting hay. Miniscule critters abound and are pulled out and quickly pecked and eaten faster than you can imagine.

My cup of black coffee warms my hands now after putting the camera down, and I spend a little morning time thinking about how wonderful God is to me. It is a slow start this Saturday morning, and I welcome that. Soon, I will be busy with one of many projects going on at Bethany, but for now watching the chickens scratch out their feast and a good cup of coffee are my delight.



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