It Is Time

It is once again time to begin the process of raising funds for the Shoe Trip. Those who have been connected to LTCM for some time know that in July each year we spend a week in Piedras Negras, buying shoes for the children at 3 orphanages there.

It is more economical to purchase the shoes there, as well as being far more practical. The shoes that the children wear to school are a certain type, and the pricing across the border is far better. Add to that the fact that each child gets fitted and you have a Win/Win situation.

Also, as usual, hygiene items will be delivered as well as special offerings to buy food for pantries.

Will you be a part of this project this year? We are in our third year of buying shoes for orphans and this year with the economic crunch going on, the need is even greater!  $20 will purchase a sturdy pair of new shoes for one child. $30 will purchase shoes and hygiene items to go with them.

God knows the need, but I present it to  you on this blog so that you can pray about it and see how much God wants you to help.

Our trip this year will be the final week of July. We are accepting applications also for team members. The cost to go on this trip will be $600.

More later, as the time grows near. Remember, you can click on the donations page and make your gift securely through Pay Pal!

Have a Blessed week in the Lord!


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Please carefully read Ezekiel 44:15–16. The Hebrew name Zadok means “right or righteous.” Ezekiel here is referring to a man named Zadok who served as a priest during David’s reign. This righteous man never wavered in his faithfulness to David or to the Lord. He stood by the king and by God’s Word, through thick and thin. Zakok always remained loyal to David, because he knew the king was the Lord’s anointed.

Because Zadok remained faithful through everything, he came to represent a ministry distinguished by its faithfulness to the Lord. Indeed, Zadok was a prime example of a true minister of God—separated from this world, shut in with the Lord, consistently hearing from heaven. Such a minister recognizes his main work as prayer: seeking God daily, constantly communing with the Holy Spirit and ministering to Jesus.

The new temple priests are faithful to stand before the Lord before they ever stand before the congregation. They spend precious hours in the Lord’s presence, until they’re saturated with a message that’s been burned into their souls. And when they emerge from God’s presence, they are able to speak straight to the people’s hearts. Their message gets down to where the sheep live, because it has come directly from God’s throne.

The Lord says of the Zadok priesthood, “These ministers will enter my sanctuary and stand before me. They shall come near to my table and minister to me. And they shall keep my charge. I’ll be faithful to lead and direct them and I’ll give them my word for my people.”

In the new, last-days sanctuary, the Zadok priesthood knows their central work is to minister to the Lord. This ministry includes every lover of Jesus who desires to walk in righteousness. Indeed, we see the “priesthood of believers” echoed throughout the books of the New Testament. John tells us, “[He] hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father” (Revelation 1:6). Peter writes, “Ye also, as lively stones, are…an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ” (1 Peter 2:5).

You may not have ministerial credentials from any church body. You may never have been to seminary. You may never have preached a sermon. But you are just as called and ordained to serve in the Zadok priesthood as even the most well-known preacher or evangelist. Both Testaments make it abundantly clear: Each of us is to hold the office of priest and perform a priest’s duties.

So, you’re wondering, how are you to do this? You do it by ministering primarily unto the Lord. You offer up sacrifices to him-sacrifices of praise, of service, of turning over to him all your heart, soul, mind and strength. He’s called you to be part of his royal priesthood. Therefore, you are to minister to others only after you’ve ministered to him.

This means you are not to show up at God’s house each week empty and dry, hoping some message from the preacher will fire you up. No, you’re to come prepared to minister to the Lord with a heart of praise.

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I have always liked David Wilkerson. He is a man of intense integrity. I listen when he speaks, knowing that he has spent much prayer over something like he posted on his blog HERE.

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I don’t care what you say. I don’t care what logic you try to use, or what manner of reasoning or worldly principal you try to enforce.

THIS is not right. The shattered dreams of others are not fields in which you plow and sow even more of the greed that helped get us in this mess in the first place. We as a nation and people have allowed greed and the allure of easy money and retiring into an easy lifestyle conform our way of life. We as a people should not allow this to happen.

Jesus would not have it. He would not, and does not condone it. Sitting back like vultures, waiting on the death of someone else’s dream so that you can pounce and be the first to purchase their home for a tenth of the original price is sin. This is one of the driving forces that got us into this mess. No one wants to work. We want to pounce at the right moment and take advantage and resell, all in the name of luxury and being able to retire early to our condo and a self gratifying lifestyle.

Jesus would have none of this. I am incensed with anger this morning. Righteous anger. I pray for these that have lost their homes and now watch as the vultures of capitalism jump in to make an easy dollar. Lord help this nation and people. Listen to the remnant that cries out to you for forgiveness.

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Not Of This World

I was bought with a price. The Kingdom I serve is not of this world. My leader is also my Master, who is the Creator of all I see, and all that I cannot, at this time, see. I have no place worrying about anything. He holds my hand. He is my rock, my strength, my fortress that I can run into. My shelter in time of storm.

I am not participating in the recession. I am not going to run helter skelter, and thither and yon, pursuing where to invest my money. I already know where to invest it – in the Kingdom.

I am not driven by fear. He has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. I have the mind of Christ.

I am not of this world. I was born into it, but my home is elsewhere. I am but a sojourner of this sod.

I am immortal, until my time determined by God is finished. Then, for a brief instant, I will slip on mortality, and then just as quickly slip back into immortality. No man, nor demon, nor thing can determine my time. My time is in Father’s hands. I am not of this world.

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