Picking Up The Pieces

The pieces of lumber that is. The ones that will ultimately make up the new coop and run for the HM project that is only………..


Call or email me if you want to help!  I’m loading up the trailer this afternoon!

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Extreme Makeover!!!

Extreme Coop Makeover!!!!!

One road over from us, about a half mile as the crow flies is a family that consists of 1 mom and 9 children. Two are her biological, 7 are adopted or foster children. All are precious. For reasons that are personal and have no need of being posted, she is raising these kids by herself. All are homeschooled, all are dressed each Lord’s Day and participate in services at a local church, and all are good kids.

Jacob is the eldest at 11. Jacob loves chickens and had a nice little flock that was providing eggs for the family, until dogs found they could break in. Dogs who kill chickens simply do it for sport. Now Jacob has done the best he can at providing a coop and run, but alas – he is only 11 and has done the best with what he has to work with.His coop was pretty much a hoop frame with a tarp over it, and a chicken wire run strung between trees. Good enough to keep chickens in, but not good enough to keep dogs out.

I sounded the call a few weeks back and we have enough money now for materials to build a first rate coop and run that will be a safe haven for replacment hens. So this saturday, the 25th will be the build day. Men will gather from several churches with tools in hand and in a few hours, the job will be done.

In the old days, they would call this a barn raising, or a house raising. It really didn’t matter what they called it, for it was simply community coming together to help out a family in need.

I am excited to see the look on their faces when we give them this gift of a new chicken coop. Its going to be a blast! Come and be a part if you are in the local area. Lunch will be provided. Bring your hammer, saw, nail gun and join in. Even if you dont have tools, or are not handy with tools – COME ANYWAY!  There will be plenty of things for you to do, I guarantee!

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All Aboard!

The tentative dates for the Summer Shoe Trip to Piedras Negras are July 11th – 18th.  We will be leaving early on the morning of the 11th (Saturday) and arriving back late afternoon on the 18th.  The cost for those wanting to go with us will be $600.00, which will cover lodging and meals (with the exception of two meals). The itinerary is listed below:

11th – Leave Montgomery by 7 Am, drive to Katy Texas where we will spend the night.  Arrival time – around 5-6PM.

12th – Leave Katy by 8AM, drive to Eagle Pass Tx, arriving around 1-2 PM. Stop at Walmart and buy grocery items for the week. Cross over into Mexico and drive to Don & Amiee’s house in Piedras Negras.

13th – Preparation day. Organize supplies and relax a little from two days of driving. Rehearse skit/lesson.

14th – 16th  Ministry days.  Taking children to the shoe stores, and spending time with them.

17th – Leave for home, driving to Orange Texas to spend the night.

18th – Drive home.

There are several attractions during the trip that are always a highlight.  In Luling Tx there is a gas station (if you can call it that) where we always stop – coming and going. Buc-cees is the name, and once you have seen it, you will talk about it. This is the largest, cleanest, busiest gas station, deli, gift shop, outdoors store, coffee shop and tourist trap you have ever seen.

The Plaza de Cultura in Piedras Negras is a masterpiece, showcasing Mayan, Incan, and Mexican culture, complete with a huge fountain display, and Mayan pyramids.

The Mercado de Piedras Negras is the traditional marketplace. Whatever you can imagine can be bought/bartered there. Keep in mind that the vendors there will think you are the extreme tourist if you do not try to bargain with them!

The desert flowers, trees and cacti are always a sight to see.

The food.  Ahhhhhh, the food. Sister Amiee has lived in Mexico for 16 years and is a fine authentic cook. Anything from homemade Posole to her famous Salsa is liable to come out of the kitchen. Top that off with a trip to one of the restaurants of Piedras Negras (like Los Sombreros) and you have a culinary adventure.

Want to go?  Email us and we will get the ball rolling.

What you will need: Passport, Spending money, Clothes for a week,  and a servant heart.



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