Quatro de Julio

I know, it’s a poor joke on Cinco de Mayo (5th of May), but that is the date that we will be leaving for the summer shoe trip – 4th of July. That date just keeps getting closer and closer. Now that they are saying the H1 flu is waning and really wasn’t any more harsh than normal flu – any fears of traveling to Mexico are now even farther in the back of our minds.

We need you at this time to help us buy the school shoes for 60 children. And now, we are adding even more here at home. There are over 20 at Adullam house, and there is the family that we built Jacob’s coop for that can always use new shoes too!

So add nine more to that list. We are fast approaching 100 pairs of shoes any way you look at it. Throw in the towel, or throw your hat in the ring – we need you!




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