Coming Together

I am always amazed at how God provides. A few weeks back a sister came to us and said that she had some brand new clothing that she had found a unbelievable deal on a year or so back. She bought it and had no idea what she was going to do with it. Then she met us. End of story (as far as the new children s clothing was concerned).

Then this past week we got an unexpected offering from Living Hope Bible Fellowship. Now this week Pastor Gene from Harvest Church was at Walmart and there was a rack (29 total) of t-shirts with an attached toy. They were clearing them out at 2 dollars apiece! A nice toy AND a shirt!  He bought the whole rack.


Picture above has them hanging in the foyer, ready to pack up for Mexico!


Sorry for the quality of the pictures. My cell phone doesnt do the best job.  But you get the picture. On this shirt there is  an action figure motorcycle rider.  On some of them there are small skateboards and other toys. Now we have a special gift for the boys, and it will be exciting seeing what God will bring in for the Girls. There are far more Girls than boys.

Keep us in your prayers!  We will be leaving on the 4th of July, and as always – we sit on pins and needles waiting on the money to come in to fund the trip. Pray for us, and for team members. We need team members!

Blessings! Mike-n-Vicki


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