One Fat Cowboy

Ernest Nunley is a man on a mission. He is riding across America on horseback to raise awareness for Children. In his own words on his Website he is riding to:

Bring awareness that there are still way too many children suffering from Catasrtophic diseases and cancer, as did four of my family members who did not make it to adulthood. And………….

Not all children who need help are physically or mentally ill, but have parents that are too self involved.

We met Ernest on the road today and were blessed to meet him. He is truly living out his faith in God! Click the link above to go to his website. He asks for nothing for himself, only that you pick out a charity that helps children and give to it!



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Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!!!!


These are the type shoes we will be buying for the girls in less than 2 weeks!  On the 4th of July, Vicki and I leave out for Piedras Negras to visit the 3 orphanages, and our mission contacts, the Crabtrees.

Here is Clarissa with her new school shoes. Starting the school year off with a new pair of shoes is a true blessing for an orphan.


Several area churches are working this year to help with this project. City Church in Millbrook is gathering toiletries and 20 dollar donations for shoes.  Harvest Church in Wetumpka has donated an entire rack of shirts and is helping us sell Mexican lunch plates to raise funds.  Others are donating on their own individually, and donating supplies.

Blessings to ALL!!!!!

PS – We need School Supplies!   Packs of paper, pencils, crayons, etc.  If you run acrosss good deals on them, buy them and get them to us NEXT WEEK!!!!

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19, 18, 17…..

Counting Down the days until we leave for Mexico.

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Ministry In Tabasco

Brothers Raul and Marcos continue to see revival in Tabasco, Mexico.

Raul praying with two new brothers.


Marcos with some of his flock.


Raul Preaching the Word


Brother Raul will be meeting us in Piedras Negras on the 5th of July to minister to the orphans. We are truly excited about all that is happening!!!!!

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