One More Day

Just one more day to go before Vicki and I leave for Mexico. It’s a good thing that I have the day off, so that I can load everything early and then relax before the long drive on Saturday. We will be hauling a good bit of stuff down with us, and then going shopping on the US side right before crossing over.

I have had time to reflect on a lot of things in the preparations leading up to this trip. One particualar thing is the fact that on this trip, no one is going with us. Although I havent “worried” about that, I have questioned why. The answers that my logical side came up with were:

  1. People did not have the money to go
  2. People were too busy to go.
  3. People were unaware that there were slots open for the trip.
  4. They went on other mission trips.

I pondered on all these things from time to time, but then the Lord opened my eyes one day when I called brother Don to discuss things about the trip. I told him that no one was coming, and he said “Good!”  I was immediately thrown into a mini state of confusion. Then Don explained. “We want to make this trip extra special for you”. I saw then that God had His hand in the entire affair.

What does God have up His sleeve? Havent a clue. But if I know God, it will be just what we need. God is so faithful, good and merciful.

Well, it’s back to sorting, counting and packing.  Next post will be from the hotel room in Katy Texas!

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