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This all began a few months back as I stood in front of the mirror and began to say to myself “Self, how did you get in this bad of shape?” But before I could get that question finished self began to say to me “It was easy, you opened your mouth and your hand put the food in there.”

Nothing else in this world like confession. Confession is good for a person, so right now I am treating myself to a dose of goodness. It actually feels good to be doing so, even though I have resisted for so long.

I have a Lifestyle Change that I have worked on for some time now, and it’s ready to be put out for others to follow, if they care to. I tested it once a few months back and found it to be easier to follow than I thought, so after a few additions and tweaks, I offer it to you. Now please, do as I am doing and show this to your doctor, and get his approval before entering into the change.

But the main thrust of this entire project is two-fold:

  1. To get me and anyone else who wants to – back in a sensible shape. (Something other than a large pear shape with two legs, two arms and a head)
  2. 2. To raise funds for the children that LTCM ministers to.

Between now and the end of the year, I am pledging to pay LTCM $1.00 per pound for every pound that I lose. I feel that is a conservative amount and most anyone could pledge that along with me. I have already pre-tested this idea with a few people to get feedback on it and one of those has already pledged $5.00 per pound!  I asked her what would she do if I lost 100 pounds – had she thought of that? She replied that it would be worth it.

So, let the pledges roll in. Remember, you are pledging on how much weight I lose.  And if you want to do the Lifestyle Change with me – please do! Just check it out with your doctor first, and don’t go off the deep end saying that Mike or LTCM is somehow responsible for your health. (Read the disclaimer at the bottom)

One aspect of this plan that I like is the fact that you can be so creative with it. For instance, let’s say you’re going out for lunch and want to get something quick. You want to eat small so you order a kid’s meal at a fast food restaurant. Now you have cut your intake of what you would normally eat in half, AND you also have a toy to give to a kid!!!!  Vicki and I have already begun that part. We are collecting the toys and finding kids to give them to.

Isn’t that exciting knowing that you are fitting your meal into the plan, and also helping a kid somewhere!!! You don’t have to save the toys for us – find some kids where you are and bless them with the toy!

Simply email me and I will send you the PDF of the Lifestyle Change. You can print it, or save it to your PDA, Smartphone or whatever device that you use. Specify if you want it in WORD or PDF. I can email either.

Also, let me know if you are pledging, so that we can keep track of that. I am going next week to the doctor and have a physical and official weigh-in, (and probably get fussed at). I will be posting a beginning picture, and weight. (Remember the part about confession being good?)

God’s Greatest Blessings!


Disclaimer: Neither LTCM, nor its affiliates assume any responsibility for health related issues arising from any individual or group who undertakes the LTCM Lifestyle Change Plan.   We advise seeking the opinion of a doctor before starting this, or any other plan that contributes to weight loss.  We make no claims of weight loss, or of any other health related issue surrounding this plan.


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Vicki and I have returned from Piedras Negras. Suffice it to say that the trip was a HUGE success! 37 pairs of shoes were purchased, hundreds of pounds of school supplies were given, DOLLARS donated to fill pantries with food, people prayed for, and people blessed in many ways.

One of the most memorable points of the trip was when Paulina, the wife of one of the orphanage directors pulled Vicki to the side and said “We thank God for you. You are the only ones who have come this summer. Everyone else was afraid of the swine flu, or told us that the economy was too bad”.

Vicki replied that as long as god gave us the resources to come, we would come. I now live with even greater resolve to attend to these children in need!


God’s Richest Blessings on ALLLLLLL who gave (some sacrificially) and sent us!

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