New Pics

Chelsea McCray (LTCM Team Member) recently had a little photo shoot with us.  Here is one of our favorites.



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LTCM now supports a good work in India, called From India With Love. Brother Don Wood went to India on business, and while there saw the plight of the children. His heart was pricked and he sold all and moved to India, outside Mumbai and now supports children there, housing several in his home.

I have known Don for over a year now, and hopefully one day Vicki and I will be able to travel there to see this work firsthand.  God’s richest blessings for all who continue to give monthly so that we can support kids like these!

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All New and Shiny

Here is the “Raul” video with the NEW intro and tag ending added. See what you think.

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Go Ahead And Cry

When you hurt the worst, go to your secret prayer closet and weep out all your bitterness. Jesus wept. Peter carried with him the hurt of denying the very Son of God and he wept bitterly! He walked alone on the mountains, weeping in sorrow. Those bitter tears worked a sweet miracle in him and he came back to shake the kingdom of Satan .

Years ago a woman who had endured a mastectomy wrote a book entitled First You Cry. How true! Recently I talked with a friend who was just informed he had terminal cancer. “The first thing you do,” he said, “is cry until there are no more tears left. Then you begin to move closer to Jesus, until you know his arms are holding you tight.”

Jesus never looks away from a crying heart. He said, “A broken heart will I not despise” (see Psalm 51:17). Not once will the Lord say, “Get hold of yourself! Stand up and take your medicine! Grit your teeth and dry your tears.” No! Jesus bottles every tear in his eternal container.

Do you hurt? Then go ahead and cry. And keep on crying until the tears stop flowing. But let those tears originate only from hurt, not from unbelief or self-pity.

Encourage yourself in the Lord. When the fog surrounds you and you can’t see any way out of your dilemma, lie back in the arms of Jesus and simply trust him. He has to do it all! He wants your faith, your confidence. He wants you to cry aloud, “Jesus loves me! He is with me! He will not fail me! He is working it all out, right now! I will not be cast down! I will not be defeated! I will not become a victim of Satan! I will not lose my mind or my direction! God is on my side! I love him and he loves me!”

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New Intro

This is the new intro for future videos that I worked up today.  Original music on my Korg.

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