Stew time

LTCM is ready to sell their all time famous Paw Paw’s Camp Stew once again. Money is needed for the winter trip and stew sales always pull in needed funds, plus are a wonderful social event for those who like to help. In order to help us raise the maximum amount of money possible, we are asking for donations of the following items:

Meat: Boston Butts, Beef Roasts and Whole Chickens

Produce: Sacks of Onions and Taters

Canned: (#10 cans) Tomato paste, Whole tomatoes, Whole kernel corn, Baby Limas

Bottled: Hot Sauce (Texas Pete or equivalent), Worcestershire and V-8

Other Items: Fish Cookers (Propane), Pots LTCM owns one big aluminum pot, but is in need of another. A cast iron wash pot or aluminum pot will be great. In years past we have had access to a commercial stove to cook on, but that is not available now. We could use a couple of fish cooker type burners and be able to cook the stew outside (like good stew is supposed to be cooked).

If you have any of these items or would be willing to purchase them, we would be thankful and put them to good use. Tickets will go on sale in a week, and the tentative date for pickup of the stew will be 11/21/09, the Saturday before Thanksgiving.


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